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MAY 12


1 day 10 hours remaining until the start of the 2022 Greenbrier River Fly Fishing Classic! We are pumped and hope you

are to!


Couple things to cover before the start of the event. Lines in the water at 7AM, lines out at 7PM. All fish must be uploaded by 8PM and you must be at the youth camp no later then 8PM. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!


If you are eating dinner at the event there is a $10 fee per plate. Cash is preferred but cards will work also.


If someone is attending the weigh-in and is not a fishing member but wants a door prize token there will be a $25 fee to purchase a ticket. You cannot buy extra tickets, 1 ticket per person.


Review all rules and regulations prior to the event! It is your responsibility to know them and abide by them!


We will have a random 3 digit identifier created tommrow evening and that will be posted on the FB Page, and you should recieve an Email, and push notification from Tourney X as to what that code is. It must be fully visible in your photos!


Make sure your teams are created prior to the start of the event. We will not take 2 individual persons and add their totals if they are not registered as a team. Please make sure this is completed!!!


Thank you and good luck!!

MAY 3rd 2022 



New for 2022, If you have cash, please use it to pay for meals and lodging! In the event you forget cash or don’t carry it we will have the use of Square to swipe a card, please limit this as much as possible so we don’t have to pay extra fees!


I wanted to let everyone know there will be meals available both the evening of registration and the day of weigh in for dinner! Cost will be $10 a plate per meal if you are interested. PHW Participants no charge, yours has been taken care of.


If you need lodging, there will be room available at the Greenbrier Youth Camp. $25 a night, bring your own toiletries, sleeping bags, and pillows. You will need to pay the tournament staff at the registration for the number of nights you plan to attend.


Registration is not mandatory to attend, however if you have any questions about the event, need a hawg trough, photographs of fish, weigh-in, or anything else, we strongly encourage your attendance on Friday Evening. This will start around 6pm that evening.


If you have your own Hawg Trough you may use it. There will be a unique code created after dark on the 13th and issues out via FACEBOOK, Push Notification, and EMAIL from Tourney X with this code. IT MUST BE COMPLETLY VISIBLE IN ALL FISH PHOTOS OR THE FISH IS DISQUALIFIED!


If you need a HAWG TROUGH, you must attend registration or contact George Simms at Simms Exxon 1092 E Washington St. Lewisburg prior to 5pm on Friday the 13th to obtain one. It must be returned at the completion of the event, or you will be charged $15 for a replacement.


Reminder the Hawg Trough is the only measuring apparatus used in the event, any fish measured on other devices will be disqualified.


Please re-read all the rules and regulations, and the fish measuring rules prior to the start of the event. If we must DQ fish, we will but trust me we don’t want to!


We can’t wait to see everyone there! Thanks for participating in the 2022 Greenbrier River Fly Fishing Classic! Good Luck to everyone!!!!

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